How To Cap Trex Ends

When working with Trex, it is important to cap the ends of the boards to avoid moisture damage. There are a few ways to do this, but the most common is to use a PVC trim board.

How To Cap Trex Ends

There are a few different ways to cap TREX ends. One way is to use a trim piece that is the same color as the TREX. Another way is to use a trim piece that is a different color than the TREX. A third way is to use a trim piece that has a design on it.

-a saw -a measuring tape -a pencil -a hammer -a drill -a screwdriver -Trex caps

  • Cut the trex to the desired length
  • Place the trex on a stable surface
  • Mark the end of the trex that will be capped
  • Use a saw to cut the trex at the marked line

on ‘How to Cut Trex Decking’ 1. If you are using a saw to cut your Trex decking, be sure to use a sharp blade in order to get a clean cut. 2. Always cut Trex decking from the underside so that the top is smooth. 3. When cutting at the end of a board, be sure to cap it with a piece of trim or another board in order to protect the end from moisture and weathering

Frequently Asked Questions

Do The Ends Of Composite Deck Boards Need To Be Sealed?

Composite deck boards should be sealed on the ends to prevent moisture absorption and decay. Sealing the ends also helps to maintain the appearance of the deck boards.

How Do You Seal The Ends Of Trex Decking?

There are a few ways to seal the end of Trex decking. You can use a sealant such as silicone, or you can use a plug made specifically for Trex decking.

Do You Need To Seal Cut Ends Of Trex?

No, you do not need to seal the cut ends of Trex.

In The End

To cap a T-rex end, first cut a piece of PVC pipe that is the same diameter as the T-rex end. Cut a length of T-rex pipe that is about 2 inches shorter than the PVC pipe. Slip the T-rex pipe over the PVC pipe and glue it in place.

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