How To Change S Trap To P Trap

The process of converting a s-trap to a p-trap is not a difficult one, but it must be done properly in order to avoid any potential water damage or other problems. The first step is to remove the old s-trap and disconnect it from the drain pipe. Next, take the p-trap and measure it to ensure that it is the correct size for the drain pipe. If it is not, then you will need to cut it to size. Once it is the

How To Change S Trap To P Trap

To change a S-trap to a P-trap, the first step is to remove the existing S-trap. The P-trap can then be installed in its place. The pipe sections and fittings needed for the installation can be found at most hardware stores.

-Adjustable wrench -Pipe wrench -Teflon tape -Pipe cutter -Hacksaw -New S trap

  • Trap and discard it. 4. insert the new p
  • shut off water supply to the sink. 2. disconnect the trap arm from the sink drain and remove the trap. 3. remove the old p

1. Make sure that you have enough space to accommodate the p-trap. 2. Disconnect the s-trap from the drain pipe and remove it from the sink. 3. Cut the pipe below the sink with a hacksaw so that there is enough space to install the p-trap. 4. Slip the p-trap onto the pipe and tighten the compression nuts by hand. 5. Reconnect the drain pipe to the p-trap

Frequently Asked Questions

Is P-Trap Better Than S-Trap?

There is no definitive answer to this question as both P-traps and S-traps have their own benefits and drawbacks. P-traps are generally considered to be more effective at trapping debris and preventing sewer gas from escaping, while S-traps are easier to install and less expensive.

Why Are S-Traps Not Allowed Anymore?

S-traps were banned in 1988 because they were found to be a major contributor to water pollution.

Is A Vented S-Trap Ok?

A vented S-trap is a plumbing fixture that allows air to escape from the drainage system. This type of trap is not as effective as a sealed trap, but it is still better than no trap at all.


The most common way to change a s-trap to a p-trap is by bending the pipe.

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