How To Clean A Pool Heater Heat Exchanger

A pool heater’s heat exchanger needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure the heater is working efficiently and not emitting any harmful fumes. The heat exchanger can be cleaned with a brush and some vinegar.

How To Clean A Pool Heater Heat Exchanger

A pool heater heat exchanger should be cleaned every year to remove any built-up sediment or debris. This will help keep the exchanger functioning properly and ensure that the heated water is circulated efficiently. To clean a pool heater heat exchanger: 1. Shut off the power to the heater. 2. Remove the cover from the exchanger. 3. Disconnect the hoses from the exchanger. 4. Clean out any sediment

-Pool heater heat exchanger -Cleaning solvent -Brush -Rag -Screwdriver

  • Remove any debris with a brush. rinse
  • Locate the heat exchanger. it will be on the top or side of the unit
  • Shut off the heater and power to the unit

-Remove the pool heater cover -Check the heat exchanger for any debris -Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any debris from the heat exchanger -Wipe down the heat exchanger with a damp cloth -Replace the pool heater cover

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clean My Pool Heater?

Pool heaters can be safely cleaned with a chlorine-based cleaner. First, remove the filter housing and clean it with a garden hose. Next, mix the chlorine cleaner according to the directions and pour it into the pool. Finally, circulate the cleaner through the heater by using the filter pump.

How Do You Dissolve Calcium In A Water Heater?

To dissolve calcium in a water heater, you can use a descaling agent.

How Do I Remove Calcium From My Pool Heater?

There are a few ways to remove calcium from your pool heater. You can use a vinegar and water solution to dissolve the calcium, or you can use a chemical remover.


There are a few different ways to clean a pool heater heat exchanger. The most common way is to remove the exchanger from the heater and clean it with a garden hose.

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