How To Clean Drain Tile

Drain tile is a perforated pipe that is installed in a bed of gravel beneath a sloped driveway, parking lot, or other paved surface. It collects and diverts water away from the paved surface and toward a drainage system. If the drain tile becomes clogged with debris, it can cause water to accumulate and damage the paved surface. Cleaning the drain tile is a simple process that can be done with a garden hose.

How To Clean Drain Tile

Drain tile is a perforated pipe that is installed in a trench next to the foundation of a home. The tile collects water that flows through the soil and directs it away from the foundation. Over time, drain tile can become clogged with sediment, leaves, and other debris. This can cause water to flow back towards the foundation and can lead to damage. To clean drain tile, you will need to remove the clogs and flush the system. To remove

-a bucket -hot water -dish soap -scrub brush -hose

  • remove any debris from the surface of the drainage tile using a shovel or rake. 2. pour a bucket of hot water down the drainage tile. 3. let the hot water sit for a few minutes to break up

1. Inspect the drain tile to ensure that it is not clogged and that water is able to flow freely. 2. If the drain tile is clogged, clear it using a plunger or a snake. 3. Remove any debris or vegetation from around the drain tile. 4. Pour a gallon of hot water down the drain tile to help loosen any clogs. 5. Let the hot water sit for a few minutes to loosen the cl

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Clear A Clogged Weeping Tile?

The best way to clear a clogged weeping tile is to pour a pot of boiling water down the drain, followed by a pot of cold water. If this does not clear the clog, you can try using a plunger.

How Often Should Drain Tile Be Cleaned?

There is no set frequency for drain tile cleaning, as it will depend on the specific circumstances. Generally, if the drainage system is working properly and the water is flowing away from the building, cleaning may not be necessary more than once a year. However, if there are any signs of backup or water accumulation, then the tiles should be cleaned immediately.

How Often Should Floor Drains Be Cleaned?

Floor drains should be cleaned as often as needed to prevent clogging and backups. This can vary depending on the type of floor drain, the amount of traffic it receives, and the type of debris that is common in the area.


Drain tile cleaning can be a difficult and dirty process, but it is necessary to keep your system functioning properly. There are a few tips that can make the job a little easier: always wear gloves and a respirator, use a shop vacuum to clean out the debris, and flush the system with water after cleaning.

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