How To Convert Lazy Susan To Shelves

If you have a lazy susan that’s not being used, you can easily convert it into shelves. First, remove the turntable from the base. Then, use a saw to cut the base in half. Next, sand down the edges and paint or stain the wood to your liking. Finally, screw in some hinges and brackets, and you’ve got yourself some new shelves!

5 Steps to Convert Lazy Susan To Shelves

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Step 1: A Lazy Susan Is A Turntable Kitchen Cabinet Shelf That Allows Easy Access To All Sides Of The Shelves

A lazy susan is a turntable kitchen cabinet shelf that allows easy access to all sides of the shelves. To convert a lazy susan to shelves, remove the turntable and dividers, and add shelf liners.

Step 2: Converting A Lazy Susan To Shelves Simply Requires Removing The Turntable And Replacing It With Solid Shelves

Converting a lazy susan to shelves simply requires removing the turntable and replacing it with solid shelves. This can be done by unscrewing the turntable from the lazy susan base and then screwing in the new shelves. Once the new shelves are in place, you can load them up with whatever you want to store on them.

Step 3: To Convert A Lazy Susan, First Remove The Screws That Hold The Turntable In Place

First, remove the screws that hold the turntable in place. Next, remove the turntable top and bottom. Finally, cut three shelves to fit inside the opening and screw them into place.

Step 4: Then, Remove The Turntable And Replace It With Solid Shelves

To convert your lazy susan to shelves, first remove the turntable. Then, replace it with solid shelves. This will give you more space to store things, and it will be easier to access them.

Step 5: Replace The Screws To Hold The Shelves In Place

To convert a lazy susan to shelves, first remove the screws that hold the shelves in place. Next, measure and cut the shelves to the desired size. Finally, replace the screws to hold the shelves in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Do With My Old Lazy Susan?

There are many things you can do with your old lazy Susan. You can use it as a plant stand, a coffee table, or an end table. You can also use it as a decoration in your home or office.

How Do You Attach A Lazy Susan To A Shelf?

There are several ways to attach a lazy Susan to a shelf, including using screws, gluing, or brackets.

How Do You Install A Rev A Shelf Kidney Shaped Lazy Susan?

A Rev A shelf kidney shaped lazy susan can be installed by following these steps: 1. Remove the old shelf unit and all hardware from the cabinet. 2. Install the new shelf unit in the cabinet using the provided hardware. 3. Attach the kidney shaped lazy susan to the shelf unit using the provided hardware. 4. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation and use.

In Summary

Lazy Susans are a great way to add storage to a kitchen without taking up much space. However, they can be difficult to reach items on the top shelf. Converting a lazy Susan to shelves makes it easier to access everything on the shelf. All you need is a drill and some wood screws. Drill two holes in the bottom of the lazy Susan, one in each corner. Screw two short pieces of wood to the bottom of the lazy Susan, one in each corner. The wood should be the same height as the shelf you want to create. Add shelves to the new wooden frame and you’re done!

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