How To Cover Hinge Cutouts

When you are installing a new hinge, or replacing an old one, you will need to cut out a section of the doorjamb for the hinge to fit. This can be tricky to do, especially if you are not familiar with the process. Here is a brief guide on how to cover hinge cutouts. 1. Determine the size of the cutout. You will need to measure the width and height of the hole that needs to be cut out. 2

How To Cover Hinge Cutouts

There are a few ways to cover hinge cutouts. One way is to use a piece of wood that is the same thickness as the door and cut it to the appropriate size. Another option is to use a piece of trim that is the same thickness as the door. The trim can be glued or nailed in place.

-Tape measure -X-acto knife -Ruler or a straight edge -Fine grit sandpaper -220 grit sandpaper -Paint or a sealant (optional)

  • Cut out hinge recesses in the cover and box
  • Apply a thin layer of wood glue to the hinge cutouts in the cover
  • Press the hinges into the cutouts in the cover and hold for a few seconds until

on ‘covering hinge cutouts’ When covering hinge cutouts, it is important to use a material that will not fray or unravel. A good option is to use a fabric such as bias tape. Bias tape can be easily wrapped around the edges of the cutout and secured in place with a few stitches.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Cover Up Hinge Holes?

There are a few ways to cover up hinge holes. You can use wood putty, caulk, or even paint to cover the hole.

How Do I Cover A Hole In A Door Frame?

There are a few ways to cover up a hole in a door frame. You can use a piece of wood, metal, or plastic that will fit the hole snugly. If you have a plug that is the same size as the hole, you can use that as well. You can also use some type of adhesive to attach a piece of fabric, wallpaper, or vinyl to the door frame.

What Do You Use To Fill A Hole In A Door Frame?

A door frame hole can be filled with a number of items such as wood putty, caulking, or even toothpaste. It depends on the size of the hole and what is available to the individual.


When hinge cutting, always take care to cut the correct size and shape of the hole. Make sure to use a sharp blade and be careful not to cut yourself. If you are using a coping saw, make sure that the blade is fine enough to get into the small spaces of the hinge. Take your time and be precise.

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