How To Cut Railroad Ties

Railroad ties are used to support and stabilize railroad tracks. They are typically made of treated wood and are very heavy. Cutting railroad ties can be difficult, but with the right equipment it can be done quickly and efficiently.

How To Cut Railroad Ties

Railroad ties are heavy and difficult to cut. There are a few ways to do it. One way is to use a reciprocating saw with a metal-cutting blade. Another way is to use an angle grinder with a cutoff wheel.

-A railroad tie cutter -Safety goggles -Ear plugs -Dust mask -Heavy clothing

  • Measure the rail to be cut
  • Mark the rail with a pencil clamp the tie cutter to the rail and cut the tie with a saw blade
  • Select the right railroad tie cutter for the job

-The dimensions of a railroad tie -How to cut a railroad tie -What type of saw blade to use -How to hold the saw blade -How to make a cut

Frequently Asked Questions

What Tool Do You Use To Cut Railroad Ties?

One possible tool to cut railroad ties is a chainsaw.

How Much Is A Railroad Tie Worth?

Railroad ties can be worth a few dollars each, depending on their condition.

Do Railroads Sell Used Ties?

Railroads do not sell used ties, but they may recycle them.


To cut railroad ties, use a sawzall or chain saw. Cut the tie just above the rail on both sides.

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