How To Cut Shingles

Shingles are usually cut with a circular saw. The best way to do this is to first measure and mark the location of the cut on the shingle with a pencil. Next, use a straight edge as a guide for the saw blade. Finally, cut along the marked line.

How To Cut Shingles

Shingles are cut by scoring the surface with a sharp tool and then breaking the shingle along the scored line. There are several ways to score a shingle. One way is to use a circular saw with a sharp blade or to use a utility knife. Another way is to use a roofing hatchet, which is a specially designed tool for cutting roofing shingles.

-Shovel -Hammer -Tape Measure -Circular Saw -Chisel -Pry Bar -Safety Glasses

  • Measure the roof and purchase the appropriate number of shingles
  • Lay tarps down on the ground beneath the roof to catch any debris
  • Remove the old shingles, taking care not to damage the roof decking

-Shingles can be cut with a circular saw or a utility knife. -When using a circular saw, set the blade depth to the thickness of the shingle and make sure to cut on the waste side of the line. -When using a utility knife, score the shingle along the line and then snap it off.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Roofers Cut Shingles?

There are a few ways that roofers can cut shingles. One way is to use a utility knife to cut the shingle along the lines that have been marked. Another way is to use a saw to cut the shingles.

Can You Cut Shingles With A Chop Saw?

A chop saw is not the best tool for cutting shingles. A circular saw would be a better option.

What Can You Cut Shingles With?

A shingle can be cut with a number of different tools, including a utility knife, a saw, or a pair of scissors.


The best way to cut shingles is with a sharp utility knife. To make the job easier, score the shingle along the line you want to cut with a utility knife before trying to break it off.

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