How To Fix An Unlevel Inground Pool

If your inground pool is not level, you will need to use pool leveling blocks to correct the situation. You can buy leveling blocks at most pool stores. Start by placing one block in the corner of the pool that is the highest and working your way around the pool. If you have an uneven bottom, you may need to use more than one block in some spots.

How To Fix An Unlevel Inground Pool

There are a few ways to fix an unlevel inground pool. The most common way is to use a leveling compound, which can be bought at most hardware stores. This is a thick liquid that is poured over the surface of the pool and then leveled with a trowel. Once the compound has dried, it will create a level surface. Another option is to use a sandbag to weigh down one end of the pool. This will help to shift the water and create a level

-leveling tool -carpenter’s level -2x4s -sand -cement -mortar mix -concrete mix -paint or sealant

  • Check the water level in the pool and adjust as necessary
  • Apply hydraulic cement to the low spots to fill them in allow the
  • Use a levelling tool to determine where the high and low spots are in the pool

1. If you have an unlevel inground pool, you may need to adjust the water level in order to fix the issue. 2. You can do this by adding or removing water from the pool until it is level. 3. Be sure to check the water level regularly and make adjustments as necessary to keep the pool level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Fix An Uneven Ground Pool?

The best way to fix an uneven ground pool is to level the ground around the pool using a shovel or rake. You can also use a bulldozer or truck to push dirt into place around the pool.

How Do You Fix An Uneven Pool Without Draining It?

There are a few ways to even out an uneven pool without draining it. One way is to add some water to the low side of the pool until it is even with the high side. Another way is to use a wet/dry vacuum to suck up the water from the low side of the pool and dump it into the high side.

What Happens If An Inground Pool Is Not Level?

If an inground pool is not level, it can cause the water to drain out of the pool, or it can cause the water to be in different areas of the pool.


To fix an unlevel inground pool, it is first necessary to determine what is causing the pool to be unlevel. Once the cause of the unleveling is identified, it can be corrected. If the pool is not on a solid foundation, then it may need to be leveled or moved to a new location. In some cases, it may be necessary to add or remove soil from around the pool to bring it back into level.

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