How To Get Drain Snake Past Trap

One way to get a drain snake past a trap is to use a plumbing auger. This is a tool that has a rotating cable on the end that can be inserted into the drain. The cable will help push the snake past the trap.

How To Get Drain Snake Past Trap

If you are trying to get a drain snake past a trap, the easiest way is to remove the trap from the drain pipe. However, if you are unable to remove the trap, you can try to feed the snake in through the opening at the bottom of the trap.

-A drain snake -Trap -Pipe wrench -Channel locks -Safety glasses -Heavy gloves

  • Turn off water to the sink
  • Remove the p
  • Trap under the sink feed the drain snake into the drain pipes push and twist the snake through the trap until it comes out the other side

below – If the drain snake is too large to fit through the trap, remove the trap and insert the snake directly into the drain pipe. – If the drain snake is able to fit through the trap, try to feed it through so that the head of the snake is in the drain and the body is still outside of the trap. – If there is a blockage in the trap, try to move it with a wire hanger or other long, thin object.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Snake Past Ap Trap?

Yes, you can snake past an AP trap. Snaking is a technique used to bypass security measures, such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems. By sending packets of data that mimic the flow of legitimate traffic, a hacker can avoid detection and access sensitive information or systems.

How Do You Snake Past A 90 Degree Turn?

To snake past a 90 degree turn, you need to be flexible. You will have to contort your body to fit through the opening, and then quickly regain your shape so you can continue on your way.

How Do You Get A Drain Snake Past?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as it can depend on the specific situation and the type of drain snake being used. In some cases, it may be necessary to partially disassemble the drain in order to get the snake through. In other cases, a flexible or telescoping snake may be able to reach further down the drain than a traditional rigid snake.

In The End

There are a few ways to get a drain snake past a trap. One way is to remove the trap and snake the drain from above. Another way is to use a flexible drain snake that can be bent around the trap.

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