How To Get Polymeric Sand Off Pavers

Polymeric sand is a material that is used to fill joints between pavers. It is a mixture of sand and polymers that help to keep the sand in place and makes the surface smoother. If polymeric sand is not removed properly, it can cause staining on the pavers.

How To Get Polymeric Sand Off Pavers

There are a few ways to get polymeric sand off pavers. One way is to use a power washer. Another way is to use a broom or brush.

-polymeric sand -a stiff bristled brush -a garden hose

  • Wear gloves and a mask
  • Sweep the area to be cleaned
  • Spray the area with a hose scrub the area with a brush rinse the area with a hose

-To get polymeric sand off pavers, use a broom or brush to sweep it away. -If the sand is caked on, use a hose to spray it off. -Be careful not to use too much water, as this could cause the pavers to become slippery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Pressure Wash Pavers With Polymeric Sand?

Yes, you can pressure wash pavers with polymeric sand. It is a good way to clean them and help the polymeric sand to adhere to the pavers.

How Do You Clean Polymeric Sand Between Pavers?

Polymeric sand is a special type of sand that is used for paving projects. When it is dry, it looks and feels like regular sand, but when it gets wet, it forms a temporary adhesive bond with the pavers. This prevents the pavers from shifting or moving around. To clean polymeric sand between pavers, you can use a broom or leaf blower to remove any debris or dirt. You can also use a garden hose to rinse off the sand.

Does Vinegar Remove Polymeric Sand Haze?

Yes, vinegar will remove polymeric sand haze. Vinegar is a natural and effective cleaner that will break down the polymeric sand haze.


There are a few ways to get polymeric sand off pavers. One is to sweep it away with a broom, and another is to wash it away with a hose.

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