How To Light A Gas Wall Heater

The two most common ways to light a gas wall heater are with a match or lighter, or with a piezo igniter. To light a gas wall heater with a match or lighter, first locate the pilot light. It will be a small, orange flame located near the burner. If you cannot see the pilot light, carefully peer into the heater’s opening and use a flashlight if necessary. Once you have found the pilot light, hold the lit match or

How To Light A Gas Wall Heater

There are a few ways to light a gas wall heater. One is to use a lighter or matches to ignite the pilot light. Another way is to use a fireplace lighter, which is a tool that looks like a large metal match. The fireplace lighter is lit and then used to ignite the pilot light.

-A gas wall heater -A lighter -Matches -Newspaper -Stovetop lighter or a long fireplace match

  • Remove the cover of the heater
  • Turn off the wall switch that controls the heater
  • Find the pilot light. it is a small, blue flame. turn on the valve near the pilot light

-Check the pilot light before you try to light the heater. The pilot light is a small flame that should be blue. If it is yellow or out, you will need to relight it. -Find the knob on the front of the heater and turn it to the “on” position. -Press down on the knob and hold it for a few seconds. -Turn the knob to the “high” or “low” setting, as desired. -The

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Light The Pilot On A Gas Space Heater?

Some space heaters have a manual pilot light that needs to be lit with a match. Other space heaters have an automatic pilot light that is lit when the heater is turned on.

How Do You Light A Old School Gas Heater?

You light a gas heater by turning on the valve and then lighting the pilot light.

How Do You Light An Old Fashioned Gas Heater?

To light an old fashioned gas heater, you first need to open the gas valve. Next, hold a lit match near the burner and turn on the gas. The flame from the match will light the burner.

In Summary

When lighting a gas wall heater, first open the window for ventilation. Then, turn off the gas valve on the wall near the heater. Open the door to the furnace compartment and locate the pilot light. Use a long match or lighter to ignite the pilot light. Once the pilot light is lit, turn on the gas valve and close the door to the furnace compartment.

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