How To Make A Double Flare

A double flare is a great way to add strength and durability to a metal joint. It is made by doubling the size of the tubing on the end of the tube that will be inserted into the other tube. This creates a lip that will help keep the two tubes together.

How To Make A Double Flare

It is possible to make a double flare using a tubing cutter and a bench vise. First, use the tubing cutter to remove about 1/2″ of tubing from each end of the tube. Then, use the bench vise to hold one end of the tube steady. Use the other hand to flare the end of the tube.

-A flare tool. This can be a specially made tool, or a small screwdriver or awl. -A tubing cutter. This is a hand tool that can be bought at most hardware stores. It has a sharp wheel that cuts through the tubing. -A vise. This can be a large bench vise, or a small clamping vise. -A ruler or other straight edge.

  • Apply the flame to the other side of the tubing and flare it out
  • Take the end of the tubing and heat it up with a flame
  • Suck on the tubing to create a vacuum

1. Use a ruler and measure the length of the tubing you will be using for your flare. 2. Cut the tubing to the desired length. 3. Using a deburring tool, remove any sharp edges from the cut tubing. 4. Slide one end of the tubing over the other end until it is fully seated. 5. Mark the spot on each end of the tubing where you will be making your flares. 6.Using a drill, make a hole

Frequently Asked Questions

What Angle Is A Double Flare?

A double flare is when an object flares out twice as it widens.

How Do You Double Flare A Brake Line Without Tool?

To double flare a brake line without a tool, you must first cut the brake line to the desired length. Once the brake line is cut to length, use a flat head screwdriver to slightly flatten the end of the brake line. Take the brake line and form it into a “U” shape. Use your fingers to pinch the brake line together. Next, take the pliers and firmly grip the brake line about 1/4 inch from where you pinched it with your fingers. Twist the pliers in a clockwise motion until you have formed a second flare.

What Are The 2 Types Of Flaring Used In Brake Lines?

There are two types of flaring: single and double. A single flare has a 45-degree angle, while a double flare has a 90-degree angle.

In Closing

To make a double flare, you will need to use two flaring tools: one to open the pipe and one to flare the end. First, open the pipe using the first tool. Then, use the second tool to flare the end of the pipe. Make sure that the flares are even and symmetrical.

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