How To Move A Curio Cabinet

When looking to move a curio cabinet, it is important to first gather the necessary tools. These tools include a dolly, furniture pads, and straps. Once these tools have been gathered, it is important to measure the curio cabinet and doorways to ensure a successful move. Once the curio cabinet has been measured, it is time to attach the furniture pads to the dolly. Next, the curio cabinet should be carefully lifted onto the dolly. Finally, the straps should be used to secure the curio cabinet to the dolly for transport.

7 Steps to Move A Curio Cabinet

One way to move a curio cabinet is to remove the doors and drawers, and then lift the cabinet onto a dolly. Another way is to place the cabinet on its back and slide it onto a dolly. Finally, you can also hire a professional moving company to do the job for you.

While many people may not see the importance of learning how to move a curio cabinet, it can actually be a very useful skill to have. For example, if you ever need to move furniture around in your home or office, knowing how to properly and safely move a curio cabinet can come in handy. Additionally, if you ever need to help a friend or family member move, they may appreciate your help if you know how to move a curio cabinet without damaging it. Ultimately, learning how to move a curio cabinet is a relatively simple task that can be extremely useful in a variety of different situations.

Step 1: How To Move A Curio Cabinet

1. First, remove all items from the curio cabinet. 2. Next, remove any glass shelves that may be inside the cabinet. 3. Carefully lift the cabinet off of its base or stand. 4. Place the cabinet on a dolly or other moving device. 5. Secure the cabinet to the dolly with straps or rope. 6. Finally, carefully roll the dolly with the cabinet attached to its new location.

Step 2: Check The Weight Of The Cabinet And The Weight It Can Support

When moving a curio cabinet, it is important to check the weight of the cabinet and the weight it can support. This will ensure that the cabinet does not tip over and injure anyone.

Step 3: Get Help Moving The Cabinet

If you’re moving a curio cabinet by yourself, first clear out any contents and remove any removable shelves. Next, measure the doorways and stairwells through which you’ll need to move the cabinet, and make sure the piece will fit. To avoid damaging the cabinet, wrap it in furniture pads or blankets and secure them with rope or twine. When you’re ready to move, lift the cabinet slowly and carefully, using your legs to bear most of the weight. Have a

Step 4: Pack All Items In The Cabinet Securely

Securely packing all items in the cabinet is an important step in moving a curio cabinet. This will prevent items from shifting during the move and potentially breaking. It is best to wrap each item individually in soft materials such as bubble wrap and then place them back in the cabinet. Alternatively, you can remove all items from the cabinet and pack them in boxes.

Step 5: Unpack The Cabinet In The New Location

If you are moving a curio cabinet, it is important to unpack it in the new location carefully. First, remove all of the contents from the cabinet. Next, unscrew the back panel and carefully remove it. Then, unscrew the shelves and remove them from the cabinet. Finally, unscrew the door hinges and carefully remove the door.

Step 6: Check To Make Sure The Cabinet Is Level

Before moving the curio cabinet, use a level to check if the cabinet is level. If the cabinet is not level, shim the cabinet until it is level.

Step 7: If Needed, Use A Saw To Cut The Cabinet To Fit In The New Location

If you need to, use a saw to cut the cabinet to fit in the new location. Be sure to measure twice and cut once to avoid any mistakes. You may want to ask a friend or family member to help you with this step.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Pack A Curio?

A curio is a small, delicate, and often valuable object. It is important to pack a curio carefully to avoid damage during shipping. First, wrap the curio in soft material, such as bubble wrap. Next, secure the wrapped item in a sturdy box with padding, such as packing peanuts or crumpled paper. Finally, seal the box and label it “Fragile” to ensure that it is handled with care.

How Do You Move A Glass Showcase?

To move a glass showcase, you will need to remove the glass shelves and door. Once the shelves and door are removed, you can carefully lift the unit and place it in its new location.

How Do You Move Ikea Glass Display Cases?

Ikea glass display cases can be moved by attaching the provided hardware to the back of the case and then attaching it to the wall.


There are a few ways to move a curio cabinet. One way is to take the cabinet apart and move it in pieces. Another way is to use a dolly or furniture moving straps to move it.

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