How To Put Oakley Arms Back On

If you have ever worn a pair of Oakley sunglasses, you know that they fit snugly and securely on your face. The arms of the sunglasses are designed to fit around your ears, and the nose bridge is adjustable to ensure a comfortable and customized fit. If for some reason the arms of your Oakleys become loose and fall off your face, there is an easy way to put them back on.

How To Put Oakley Arms Back On

There are a few ways to put Oakley arms back on, but the most common is to use the Oakley tool. The Oakley tool is a metal rod that has a hole in one end and a T-shaped handle on the other. The hole in the end of the rod is used to fit over the pins on the arms of the sunglasses, and then the T-shaped handle can be used to twist the arms back into place. Another way to put Oakley arms back

-Oakley arms -Tape measure -Needle nose pliers -Phillips screwdriver -Socket wrench -5/16″ wrench

  • Reattach arms to frame by snapping plastic clips back into place
  • Remove arms from frame by unsnapping plastic clips
  • Rotate arms so that logos are facing out

below There are a few ways to put Oakley arms back on, but the most common way is to use the Oakley wrench. The wrench can be found in the original box that the sunglasses came in or on Oakley’s website. The other way to put the arms back on is by using your hands. This can be done by holding the sunglasses with the arm facing down and then pushing up on the arm until it snaps into place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Adjust The Arms On Oakley Sunglasses?

Oakley sunglasses use a patented three-point fit system to adjust the arms to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. The arms are adjusted by pressing on the small levers on the side of the frame and bending them to the desired position.

Can Oakley Arms Be Adjusted?

Oakley arms can be adjusted, but it depends on the model.

How Do I Make My Oakleys Wider?

There is no definitive answer, as people have different preferences for the width of their Oakleys. However, some ways to make them wider include: – Moving the temples further away from the face – Putting on a wider sunglass strap – Buying a custom-made pair


Oakley arms should be put back on by aligning the two notches on the arms with the two indentations on the frame and pushing them together.

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