How To Sand Beveled Edge

Sanding a beveled edge is a simple process that yields beautiful results. The key is to use the right sandpaper and to take your time.

How To Sand Beveled Edge

To sand a beveled edge, start by finding the angle of the bevel. This can be done with a protractor or compass. Once you have the angle, use a sanding block to hold the sandpaper at that angle. Then, sand the edge of the wood in a circular motion.

-Sandpaper -Belt sander -Angle grinder

  • Grit sandpaper
  • Begin sanding the edge of the wood using a medium
  • Place the piece of wood that you want to bevel on a work surface
  • Secure it in place using clamps

-How to hold the sandpaper -The angle of the sandpaper -How much pressure to use -How often to check your progress

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Sand Around An Edge?

There are a few ways to sand around an edge. One way is to use a sanding block. Another way is to use your fingers.

How Do You Sand Beveled Edges?

There are a few ways to sand beveled edges. You can use a handheld sander, or you can use a stationary belt sander. If you are using a handheld sander, you will want to use an orbital sander. If you are using a belt sander, you will want to use a belt with a 40-grit paper.

How Do You Sand Edges With An Orbital Sander?

The best way to use an orbital sander on edges is to first tape off the area that you don’t want to sand. This will help to prevent the wood from being sanded too much. Then, hold the orbital sander so that it is at a 90 degree angle to the edge of the wood and start sanding. Be sure to use light pressure and go in a circular motion.


Beveling is a process that can add a touch of elegance to woodworking projects. By following a few simple steps, you can create a beveled edge on your workpiece. First, use a sandpaper block to create a smooth surface on the edges of your workpiece. Then, use a sandpaper grit that is one step finer than the final finish to sand the beveled edge. Finally, apply your final finish to the beveled edge.

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