How To Take Apart A Paslode Nail Gun

Paslode makes a variety of cordless nail guns, some of which use 16-gauge nails. The gun is powered by a battery and uses compressed air to drive the nails into the substrate. To take the gun apart, start by removing the magazine and then remove the screws that hold the housing together. Next, remove the trigger and then unscrew the barrel. Finally, remove the piston and spring.

How To Take Apart A Paslode Nail Gun

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Different Paslode nail guns may have different disassembly procedures. However, some general tips on how to take apart a Paslode nail gun include: 1. Remove the battery pack, if one is attached. 2. Release the pressure in the gun by pressing the safety button and squeezing the trigger. 3. Unscrew the barrel from the body of the gun. 4. Remove the

-Paslode nail gun -Wrench -Socket wrench -Hammer

  • Lift up on the black tab and remove the battery cap remove the screw
  • Pull the trigger to release the nail
  • Remove the magazine
  • Press down on the orange lever and pull the barrel out of the housing

1. Disassemble the paslode nail gun 2. Remove the drive blade 3. Unscrew the housing 4. Remove the piston 5. Remove the spring 6. Remove the air hose 7. Remove the trigger 8. Remove the nails

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Service A Paslode Nail Gun?

To service a Paslode nail gun, the first step is to remove the magazine. Next, use a screwdriver to remove the screws on the side of the tool. After that, remove the front cover and then the back cover. Finally, use a wrench to loosen the bolt on the compressor and then slide the compressor out.

How Do You Take Apart Paslode?

The following is a general guide on how to take apart a Paslode gun. Note that different models may have slight variations: 1) Remove the magazine by pressing the release button and pulling the magazine out of the gun. 2) Check that the safety switch is in the “off” position and pull the trigger. 3) With the gun pointed in a safe direction, unscrew and remove the barrel. 4) Remove the piston from the rear of the barrel. 5) Remove the air filter and cap from the end of the barrel. 6) Unscrew and remove the striker assembly. 7) Remove the washer, spring and retaining clip from inside of striker assembly.

How Do You Take Apart A Paslode Finish Nailer?

The first step is to remove the magazine from the tool. Next, use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws from the housing. Once the screws have been removed, the housing can be pulled apart. The piston and driver can then be removed from the housing. Finally, the O-ring and spring can be removed from the piston.

To Review

There are a couple of ways to take apart a Paslode nail gun. The first is to use the official tool that comes with the gun. This tool looks like a small metal bar with a hole in one end and a notch in the other. The second way is to use a flathead screwdriver.

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