How To Wrap A Post With Cedar

Cedar is a great material to use when wrapping a post as it is very aromatic and resistant to decay. To wrap a post with cedar, first select a piece of cedar that is long enough to fit around the post with some extra length on each end. Cut the cedar to size and then use a saw to cut notches into the ends of the cedar so that it can be attached around the post. Once the cedar is attached around the post, use a

How To Wrap A Post With Cedar

In order to wrap a post with cedar, one needs to select a piece of cedar that is about two feet longer than the desired finished length of the post. The cedar should then be cut to the desired length and the ends trimmed so that they are even. The next step is to drill a hole in the center of one end of the cedar and then loop a wire around it. The wire should then be twisted tightly so that it holds the cedar in place.

– Cedar – Rope or twine – Tape

  • Use wire or twine to tightly wrap around post continue wrapping until post is fully covered
  • Purchase cedar fencing
  • Cut to desired length

When wrapping a post with cedar, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure to use untreated cedar, as treated cedar can release harmful chemicals. Second, make sure the cedar is freshly cut, as it will be more effective at repelling pests. Third, cut the cedar into long strips and wrap them tightly around the post. Finally, use a wire or twine to secure the cedar in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Wrap Metal Posts To Wood?

There are a few ways to wrap metal posts to wood. One way is to use a post wrap, which is a piece of material that wraps around the post and is attached to the wood. Another way is to use metal brackets to attach the post to the wood.

How Do You Attach Wood To A Steel Post?

There are a few ways that you can attach wood to a steel post. You can use screws, nails, or bolts.

How Do You Wrap A Support Post?

There are a few ways to wrap a support post. One way is to use wire or twine to wrap it tightly several times. Another way is to use a strong tape, such as duct tape, to secure it.


Wrapping a post with cedar provides a number of benefits, including weather protection and a longer lifespan for the post. There are a few different ways to wrap a post with cedar, depending on the size of the post and the supplies you have available.

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